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Cable Features

  • Cables are armored with special galvanized improved plow steel wires or special alloy wires. Tensile strength of each wire lies in the range of 270 to 330 KPSI. Each plow steel wire .035” in diameter or larger has a coating of zinc in excess of 0.5 oz/sq. ft. of surface area. Wires less than .035” in diameter have in excess of 0.2 oz./sq.ft. of surface area.

  • No butt welds of the original rod during final drawing process are allowed, and no welds are allowed on monoconductor cables.

  • No splices of any conductor are allowed in any CAMESA cable.

  • All armor wires are preformed during the manufacturing process.

  • Resistance and capacitance values for each conductor within a layer are within 4% of the minimum value measured for that layer.

  • Each layer of armor wires is coated with a corrosion inhibitor.

  • The catalog temperature ratings of CAMESA cables apply for the bottom hole temperatures of ordinary oil/gas well logging situations. “Ordinary” here refers to situations in which borehole temperature increases with depth to a maximum at the bottom of the borehole. Temperature ratings should be lowered when the cable is used in highly deviated wells, in producing or geothermal wells with high temperatures nearer the surface.

  • All cable diameter values shown in the catalog are nominal and measured under 100-300 lbs. spooling tension onto shipping reel.

  • Electrical resistance and capacitance values shown in the Camesa catalog are nominal or typical values.  All values have been corrected to 20 degrees C.

  • During the manufacturing process a strict quality control program is enforced. Each cable is given a complete electrical and mechanical test to confirm that it meets or exceeds catalog specification. This CAMESA final inspection report is provided with every cable.

  • The maximum working tension of any CAMESA cable should not exceed 50% of the published catalog breaking strength.